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Dr. David Vukelich

Helping Anchorage residents live pain-free by providing chiropractic care

Dr. David Vukelich, Chiropractor in Anchorage, Alaska
Dr. Vukelich - Chiropractor
Company History
By relocating to Alaska, I look forward to the endless recreational activities it offers. Most importantly, I look forward to helping Alaskans with their health care needs, by promoting less pain, general wellness, and helping them achieve optimal health so that they can also enjoy the Alaskan adventure.

I practiced in Colorado for two years before joining Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab. I was drawn to the position here because I liked that I could focus on treating patients rather than doing the “administrative stuff” that goes along with owning your own practice.

At Better Health I’m able to focus entirely on patient care and getting patients well. I also have many other providers here that I work closely with, and it is very beneficial for patients to have different opinions. Customer service here is a priority and I enjoy seeing people smile when they realize how important they are to us.

Personal & Educational Background
I was born and raised in the hockey state known as Minnesota. For most of us northerners, hockey is a way of life. For me, hockey was a major part of my life as a youth. As time went on, my father accepted a transfer to the state of Virginia, where I finished the rest of my childhood.

My first year of college I attend Emory and Henry College on a full athletic scholarship for soccer. From there, I moved back to Minnesota and finished my associate’s of art degree. I then relocated to Grand Junction, Colorado, where I studied premed. Eventually, I relocated back to Minnesota where I received my doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University in November 2008.

I enjoy teaching and coaching youth hockey. I’ve had the honor of a coaching a youth hockey team known as the Grizzlies in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where we achieved the first regional championship and placement in the state championship since the start of the hockey program.

I decided to move to Alaska because of my true passion is the outdoors. Most free time I have is spent climbing the peaks of Alaska and venturing new trails. And when it comes to winter, backcountry skiing becomes the new adventure along with the fast-paced sport of hockey.

Contact Me
I am available to speak with patients and prospective patients anytime during business hours, typically 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. weekdays. I am also available by email.

David Vukelich, DC
Direct Line: 907.743.0116
Mobile: 970.366.8402
Main Number: 907.743.0110

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