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Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab is Coming to Wasilla!

Stay Tuned as Anchorage & Juneau's First Choice for Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitative Therapy & Massage Therapy opens its doors this Spring in Wasilla, Alaska.

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab opened its doors in 1998 to provide Alaskans with a wide range of effective, non-surgical treatments for pain relief and optimal health. Since then, we’ve become one of Anchorage and Juneau's leading chiropractic clinics. Our chiropractors in Anchorage and Juneau have helped thousands of Alaskans by providing expert chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy and massage therapy, plus the most advanced treatments like our DRS System for low back pain and MCU therapy for neck pain. We recently opened our new full-service chiropractic office in Juneau, so patients in southeast Alaska have access to the same great care, and are now scheduled to open our doors this Spring in Wasilla, Alaska.
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Check your insurance coverage, complete new patient paperwork and more in our new patient center.
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Chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation in Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska

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A combination of advanced  technology and treatments that produce better results in Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska.
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Meet Your Chiropractor in Juneau

Alaska Back Pain Protocol for back treatment in Juneau & AnchorageDr. Samuel Woolfenden attended chiropractic school at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles and graduated in 2009. Today, he has over 6 years of experience specializing in chiropractic care in Juneau. Dr. Woolfenden's passion to help others with chiropractic treatment came about after he had a serious auto accident back in 1995. As a result of his accident, he experienced issues with his back seizing and had limited mobility. His parents took him to see a chiropractor who successfully restored his back to its normal functioning, and he was able to feel like himself again. More on Juneau chiropractor Dr. Samuel Woolfdenden »
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Join thousands of Alaskans in living a pain-free life today!

We invite you to join the thousands of Alaskans in Wasilla, Anchorage and Juneau who have benefited from the care of our team at Better Health Chiropractic & Phyiscal Rehab. 

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Conditions treated in Alaska

Conditions We Treat

Effective care for many conditions

We can effectively treat a wide variety of conditions with our expert chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy  and massage therapy. Let our chiropractors help you get – and stay – better!

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Dr. Brent Wells & Associates

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Investing hundreds of hours in continuing education annually

Our chiropractors in Anchorage, Wasilla  and Juneau remain experienced and up to date on the latest health trends, treatments and research.

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We accept many different types of insurance, and can check your coverage before your appointment. Plus, we offer no-hassle insurance billing so you can focus on feeling better!

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Chiropractors in Juneau

Chiropractic Clinic in Juneau
Better Health provides quality chiropractic care to our patients seeking pain relief in Juneau, Alaska. Read more on chiropractors in Juneau

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The Alaska Back Pain Protocol

Learn more on The Alaska Back Pain Protocol
Developed and tested on over 6,000 Alaskans with back pain! Learn more on The Alaska Back Pain Protocol
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